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Testimonial 1

I went to a friends jewellery party and bought a JewelMansion 925 silver bobble necklace, ring and earring set.  Fantastic price, and great quality.  The customer service was very great.  I would definately recommend and buy again.

Marilyn - Basingstoke - May 2012

Testimonial 1

I purchased a watch from JewelMansion and I am absolutely thrilled with it.  A standout piece which I have received loads of compliments about. 

What made the purchase even better was the price!  I would have paid a lot more for it had I brought it on a shopping trip. 
Keep the products coming. 
Jewellery Fan

Testimonial 2

I had a Jewelmansion party at home, we had loads of fun, everyone of my guests purchased items and they were really happy with them - price and quality.  Would definately recommend.

Thanks Asha and Patsy

Isabelle, Wembley


WOW! Fast shipping. Superb customer service and fantastic looking.  Very pleased.  Thank you

Dec 2014


Thankyou very much,  I received the bags and we like them alot.  We will be buying from you in the furure and I have also told my friends about your website and will shout you out on Instagram. Jan15

Milan, Northampton

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